About me

Gerrit Ferreira
B.Sc Agric (Hons)
Professional Natural Scientist Reg.no 400051/07

I have been formulating feed for farm animals for 25 years. My focus is on monogastric animals, but have been formulating feed for most farm animals, game and aquatic species. For the past 12 years I have been a nutritionist at a multi specie feed mill producing 36000 tons of feed per month. As technical manager I have been exposed to quality control systems, raw material procurement, logistics, health and safety and customer mangement.

Before working at the feed mill I was managing a reseach farm of the University of Stellenbosch for 13 years.

My current focus is on aquatic feed and I have  successfuly formulate feed for abalone, cod, catfish, tilapia and trout.

I am working as a consultant for feed mills, on farm training and developing new feed. My work has taken me to Zambia and Kenia where I have been doing work on training and product developement for layer farmers and Tilapia farmers.

Tilapia ponds in Kenya

Feed Mill in Nairobi

Aqua Feed Mill in Kisumu

Extruder used for making tilapia pellets

1 month old Tilapia

How can I help

Feed formulation: I use the latest formulation program to formulate feed for all species of farm animals

Technical support: I have farmed for 13 years and have aquired knowledge from farm worker to top management. I can assist with technical support from feeding to management of animals

Global expertise: I have built a network of contacts from all over the world that help me to get the right advise to you when you need it most.

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